Sunday, February 21, 2010

What Are The Notes To Sweet Dreams Can You Help Me Out Here!?!?!? MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC?

Can You Help Me Out Here!?!?!? MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC? - what are the notes to sweet dreams

Listen, my father (the grandfather of the grid) is very ill, and he loves when I come to play songs by him (flute and piano Enough) ... I wonder where I can find the notes of the songs:
I Can Only Imagine
Dream a Dream
Let It Be
Bad Day
Heaven (Candlelight Mix)
Coin-Operated Boy
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
My Immortal
Bring Me To Life
A Narnia Lullaby
I'll Try
Because Of You
May God bless the United States
Once Upon a December from Anastasia
What I've Done
I Write Sins Not Tragedies
Nine In The Afternoon
30 minutes
A Thousand Miles
River Flows in You

He likes the slower songs More ... It is the most important conclusion:)

I would be very grateful if youHelp me in my search! Thank you for reading!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, can not be a big help here. There are a variety of guitar tablature online, but there are a lot of piano music (unless you pay or so). I bought a book of worship songs to a music store, "added I Can Only Imagine". In the same store I found a piece of indie music with "My Immortal", which was a bit cheaper. And probably has about twenty songs of the Beatles, in the case of "Let It Be".

Unfortunately, we can no longer useful. I want music for piano was easier to find online. Meanwhile, I hope your grandfather will be fine. I'll take you and your family in my prayers.

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