Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spanking Dress F/m My Little Boy Embarrassed About Seeing A Spanking?

My little boy embarrassed about seeing a spanking? - spanking dress f/m

My husband and I with our son approached a group of friends, the house the other night. The couple has a daughter who is the age of our son. This would be seven years. . The ugly girl, while we were there, and her mother took her on one side of a beating. It was placed in another room, but my son has seen it, and shame. He does not speak much later. The girl was dressed and took my son had his underpants in writing.
Is it normal to be ashamed of my child?


Lyric. said...

Yes, I think he only felt bad for them, you're doing.
And then two is like putting in someone who is naked. Just a pity that the underwear of the girl.
It is forgotten after some time. :)

Good luck!

beckychr... said...

Your child shows empathy and is a gentleman --- thats great! I hope and assume you do not abide by them, which explains why it was lost - just so he would understand.

Shame on the mother - not sure it really was a private spanking.Probably his daughter is uncomfortable, then your child. Even if I am in favor of beating - it is wrong to unnecessarily painful.

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