Friday, February 5, 2010

Vigina Period I Turned 14 Last Week And I Havent Started My Period Then About A Week Ago I Noiced A Prob With My Vigina?

I turned 14 last week and i havent started my period then about a week ago i noiced a prob with my vigina? - vigina period

A week ago, my whole Venn had turned black and was buried after a few days ago, my Venn was bleeding, so I thought I started my period, but theres no indication that I ache or something Please help me, only the Living with my dad.thanks

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bribri said...

and normal vaginal dark and begin to fall again. [do not worry]. Some women experience cramps when they get their period .... PF could be good or this or one.but sincee many underground to live with her father did not talk to him, but u must be 2 to ask, including business, where you get all your documents, for the time

PS Congratulations on getting your period

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