Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wheat, Is It Good Since Jesus Sowed The Wheat (good Word) And What Was Planted Next Were Tares. Who Planted The Next Words?

Since Jesus sowed the wheat (good word) and what was planted next were tares. Who planted the next words? - wheat, is it good

To know that he the pupil, the weeds in cultivated wheat. We grow all say it is time for the good from the bad show. before saying something about angels angel means messenger, winged creatures. So you are wheat or defect or a mixture of both?


macie said...

The Bible says in Matthew 13:36 to 43 is given expaination wheat and weeds. Satan sows tares, and I would probably say the proponents. evilones. I am the wheat. .

ranosona... said...

I do not understand exactly what you say ... But anyway, God gave us the word to spread to humans, so that the church and the people are plants the following keywords.

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