Friday, February 26, 2010

Samples Of Welcome Notes Writing Tips Please Help?

Writing tips please help? - samples of welcome notes

I write now, and have been for some time, especially poetry, but still ideas for stories and ideas for a novel. I wonder, to help you when all my criticism is allowed, because they need help.

- Amanda in the large kitchen, and he gasped for air as he fell. In their eyes, the kitchen was in ruins. Pots and pans on the floor, dry food on the stove, and a clear, sticky substance like syrup all covered. On the table lay a note that was apparently intended to read it, the place where he thought it was the only place to see the rooms clean, as if the note had been created by the Goo. He approached the paper folded. She stopped and I knew that I had done. The document CAStationery, which I had bought her boyfriend a month ago. She knew that the paper was conceived, because the model itself. They have suffered a bad time and he finally go into hiding, but he had found.

This is not exactly nothing, just something I did as a sample. Can someone help me, I want to know if it's good if they do not work, what I need. anything that can help me. Moreover, in sufficient detail that I never know w = how to decide what is sufficient detail and what is too little. All tips are welcome.
Thank you!

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