Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vagin Can You Get A Women Pregnent On The Day She Broke Her Hymen By Accidently Getting A Drop Of Sperm On Her Vagin?

Can You get a women pregnent on the day she broke her hymen by accidently getting a drop of sperm on her vagin? - vagin

bled, if it happens


Natalie... said...

If the bleeding was a time that is unlikely for her, because ovulation 14 days after the first day of term, and only the life of the sperm cells in the body for 5 days, it would be dead before your body releases an egg.

If the bleeding does not once and only because of a ruptured hymen, then yes, absolutely. You do not have a penis into the vagina to become pregnant. The boy was not even a girl pregnant, because there are no sperm in his pre-.

ALWAYS protection!

helene said...

Yes, of course. Cum baby.

helene said...

Yes, of course. Cum baby.

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